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Nothing ever changes

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Frightened Inmate #2
30 rock, amy poehler, andrew garfield, andy samburg, anti jokes, arrested development, astronomy, beastie boys, biology, bjorn svenson, blue devils, brad paisley, brandon flowers, brayden schenn, campfires, candles, carrie underwood, community, country boys, crayons, cucumbers, curling iron, curly hair, daisies, dancing, dead like me, digimon, disney, disney songs, dogs, dolly parton, driving, dwight k shrute, eating sandwiches, eclipse, edmonton, ellen page, family, fiona apple, flannel shirts, flowers in hair, fluffy clouds, forget me nots, fresh air, friendship bracelets, gemma ward, glow in the dark, grocery shopping, happiness, harry potter, hercules, home, horizontal tango, i am the messenger, icarly, invader zim, irish dancing, james and lily, joe walker's abs, joey richter, jordan eberle, junkari, laundry, layouts, lights, lmnt, love, luna lovegood, magnus paajarvi, markus zusak, mean girls, mermaids, metric, miley cyrus, misfits, monkey bars, movies, mulan, mumford and sons, narcissa black, narcissa malfoy, narnia, nbc, never let me go, nhl, nicholas braun, norwegian boys, oklahoma, old keyboards, oliver wood, park benches, persephone, peter pan, pink, playgrounds, playing at the park, pokemon, pushing daisies, rachel mcadams, rain, raising hope, reading, reba, regina spektor, robyn, ron weasley, ron/hermione, ron/luna, rubber boots, ryo/ruki, said the whale, sam gagner, science, seddie, selena gomez, serenity by jan, sheep, shopping at night, singing, sitting on fences, skander keyes, skander keynes, sleeping beauty, smell of cheap perfume, smooth stones, snl, snow, sora takenouchi, sour cherry blasters, southern boys, stephen colbert, sun dresses, sun glasses, tangled, target, team edward, tennessee, the book thief, the inbetweeners, the office, the oilers, thunderstorms, trespassers william, troy/britta, trucks, walks at night, waterfalls, will arnett, yamato/sora, yellow